Game information


This is a watery version of the old favourite 'Pacman'! An excellent way of developing keyboard dexterity and pupil's motor and spatial skills.

The 'baddies' are the water wasters: toilets and taps, while the 'powerups' are the 'goodies': hippos, push taps, watering cans and hose spray guns. The pupils have to decide whether various statements are true or false to win a new life. If they get it wrong they will have to start again. Once they have achieved two levels they are able to modernise the kitchen.


The pupils see the old fashioned leaking pipework found in the old Water School collapse before their eyes! Their task is to rebuild the pipework through an ‘obstacle course’ from one side of the screen to the other against the clock. The courses get more difficult as they move up the levels. The game involves making the correct decisions about the length and shape of the pipes required as well as having to consider the orientation of the sections.

The exercise develops mouse control skills as well as spatial and decision making skills.

Toilet Wordsearch

There are 15 words which have to be found in the grid. Each is the name for a toilet. Some they will know, others they will not.

The pupils are able to discover the origin or meaning of the various words by rolling over them. Some of the words are based on euphemisms and would be and excellent starting point for discussion with the pupils about other toilet based euphemisms such as 'powdering one's nose' or 'going to the little boys' room! To be able to modernise the classroom they have to find all the words in the grid and highlight them.

The exercise acts as a starting point for some interesting historical investigations into issues relating to hygiene and toilets in the past, as well as helping to develop their word recognition skills, spelling and understanding of words they will not have encountered before.

Garden - Jumbleword

The pupils see a series of 10 anagrams of water related words and have to drag the letters into the correct order.

They are given a clue for each 'Jumbleword' as it appears and they have the additional challenge of working against the clock! You have 20 seconds before the bubbles pop and the letters disappear! The game will help with pupils' spelling and word recognition skills and reinforce many of the key water efficiency words they will have encountered. Having sorted out all the words they are able to modernise or rather re-design the garden area to be more water efficient.