Games room

More detailed instructions and information about the relevance of these games is available in the Teachers section.


Can you help Tapman to collect all of the water drops in the maze? Watch out for the baddies (the water wasters) - if they catch you then you will need to answer a question! Use the powerups (the water savers) to help you along the way.

  • Play Tapman


The pipes have collapsed and water is being wasted! Can you fix the pipes and make the school more water efficient? Drag different shaped sections together to re-connect the pipes. Hurry though - the bung won't last lung!

  • Play Pipes

Toilet Wordsearch

Can you find all the 'toilet' words in the wordsearch?!

  • Play Wordsearch


Re-arrange the letters to create some water related words. Work against the clock!

  • Play Jumbleword